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Whether you are an artist or just an art beginner expressing your creativity serves the mind and soul in unmatched ways. In times where we’ve been staying in our homes more, it may start feel like your creative juices have run dry. However, it’s actually the perfect time it to brush up on an old skill or learn new passion.

Online Art Classes by Gurukul Academy of Excellence offer an ideal space to alleviate your boredom while learning a new skill from a master. Learn to paint, draw, sketch, make patterns, doodle etc from the comfort of your own home with our Online Art Classes. We have brought together the best Online Art Classes which drill down into fundamentals you need to master before you can develop your skills. 

Gurukul Academy Of Excellence provides art and craft online courses for all ages which are acrylic painting, sketching, doodle art, Mandala, drawing, oil painting, brush pen lettering, canvas painting, calligraphy, Ink and watercolor art, handmade gifts, handmade crafts, albums, scrapbook etc.
In Doodle Art course you will learn how to use simple doodles and loose watercolor washes to create gorgeous botanical and floral illustrations. This class is super fun for artist’s of any level, especially beginners and will teach you tons of tips and tricks. In Doodle Art course we’ll teach you everything you need to get started, from supplies to painting and doodling techniques.
Mandala Drawing course by Gurukul Academy Of Excellence which will take you through the creative process of designing your very own mandalas. In this course we will show you how to create guidelines to get your started, line design styles, inspiration and background techniques. This is a mixed media class using drawing tools and Paint on paper. But that’s just a beginning. This class will give you skills and tools necessary to create larger than life designs that can be incorporated in home decorative items, wall art and fashion.
Brush pen Calligraphy is the umbrella term for the calligraphy created with brush. Whenever you are in your calligraphy journey brush pen calligraphy is a great way for beginners to learn. The ink is already loaded and there are plenty of options to choose from when finding a pen you like. Create your own style of expressive brush calligraphy! Brush pens provide a  terrific, no fuss way to get started with hand lettering. Join brush pen calligraphy course by Gurukul Academy of Excellence and discover the fundamentals of brush pens and with some practice you will be well on your way to develop an aesthetic brush pen lettering style. Whether you are a beginner or an avid letterer, Brush Pen Calligraphy Course is ideal for you.
We have designed oil painting course to guide students into the world of oil painting by clearly illustrating and explaining materials and a variety of painting techniques. You will not only learn how to paint with oils, but also how to prepare a palette, choose brushes, mix colours, prepare a support and more. For enrollment in the course no previous experience or knowledge is required. This course is absolutely for anyone.
Origami is the art of paper folding and making beautiful art of it. Traditionally, all origami pieces must be folded from one sheet of square paper. Apart from being a great tool in developing spatial reasoning and geometric understanding, origami also teaches patients and concentration. It is also therapeutic and creates a sense of achievement. But above all, it is fun and captivating. We here at Gurukul Academy Of Excellence choose fun and beginner to intermediate level pieces to fold. Apart from paper, we also make use of other materials like glue, pens and googly eyes. We like to make fun things. The curriculum of Origami course by Gurukul Academy Of Excellence is origami overview and its history, basics of origami. Learn origami basics folds, Learn to make triangle, square, pentagon accept. Learn to fold and create even more shapes.
Doodle Art Course by Gurukul Academy Of Excellence is perfect for absolute beginners, as well as for those of you who have some arting, crafting or doodling experience. By the end of the course you will have all the skills you need to make your own curvy flowing doodle art piece to keep in your Sketchbook, display in your home or gift to a friend.
Online Art Classes

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