English Grammar and Writing Class

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Gurukul Academy Of Excellence is presenting English Grammar and Writing Class in Surat.Our Grammar and Writing course is ideal for students who would like to learn how to express and articulate their thoughts clearly and accurately in their written  English. Our engaging curriculum is designed to combine the theory and practice of English grammar within writing structures, while stimulating the student’s imagination and developing their creativity. Through interaction with native speaking instructors, students are able to effectively learn the power usage of English grammar and applied the understanding in the written work. this will allow students to accomplish the ability to generate coherent, thought-provoking and compelling written compositions. Here students will also learn how to apply correct grammar rule in a sentence while speaking or writing, how to use new English words in your speech,improvement in vocabulary and learn all different ways to write creative writings and many more.

Our English Grammar and Writing Class also includes some activities which are mentioned below.

1. Introducing writing methods and techniques
2. Learning and applying grammar concepts
3. Enriching and expanding vocabulary
4. Group discussion
5. Analysing texts and sentence
6. Applying skills to develop fluent writing style

English Grammar and Writing Class


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