Class 1 to 8 Tuition in Surat


Gurukul Academy Of Excellence provides Mathematics, English, Hindi, Science, Social science for class 1 to 8 Tuition in Surat. We aim to provide quality educational opportunities to children here to help them to reach their full learning potential. Other than major subjects we can help your child to succeed with reading, spelling, writing, speaking and special educational needs.

All of our tutors are fully qualified teachers and are committed to help children unlock their foll potential. Our qualified teachers have the experience and passion to enthuse your child so they thrive and achieve their full potential.


What we offer:

A selection of tuition times that fit around your other commitments

One to one attention from tutors with the expertise and experience to help your child

A detailed lesson plan

Tutors are resources that will meet your child’s specific needs

Fun ways to learn through computer activities, structured worksheets, workbook and audio- video resources.


Class 1 to 8 Tuition in Surat


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