English Handwriting Class

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English Handwriting Class is a course to improve kids’ normal handwriting styles consisting of shapes, sizes, slants, spacing between letters, words, line alignments in a beautiful, legible and understandable way. Good handwriting is an asset for everybody. there are various reasons when you decide or feel the necessity to improve your handwriting. Your handwriting not only shows or depicts your personality but also creates an impression on the reader. If the writer is a student and reader is a teacher, then it will make a lot of difference, since the teacher would like to see neat and good handwriting. In examinations, if the student writes better handwriting, then he or she is likely to get grace marks and leaves a good impression on the teacher or the evaluator. How to improve your handwriting? This is the question most people ask when they feel that there is something wrong with their handwriting or their children’s handwriting. In English Handwriting Class we see students’ writing and accordingly give them practice through cursive writing books, lettering worksheets, alphabets writing practice, numbers writing practice, correct letters formation knowledge etc. One has to understand that, handwriting involves some of the techniques which are called scientific techniques and the students or person has to follow the techniques properly. Only competent teacher or an expert can teach it. If your child faces the following problems in handwriting then he or she require improvement that can be only done by joining English Handwriting Class at Gurukul Academy Of Excellence.

The pen or pencil is held almost near the tip.
Does not write faster and the notes are incomplete.
Right sometimes better but not consistent.
Handwriting is not legible.
Find it difficult to read and understand what is written.
Does not write small alphabets and uses only capital letters.
Cannot differentiate between the alphabet b and d and gets confused with them.
Write mirror letters.
Very slow in writing and writes with pressure.
Gets the remark from the teacher improve your handwriting.
Verbally your child answers better but when it comes to writing does not write answers correctly.
Does not join the alphabets.
After joining Handwriting Classes for kids at Gurukul Academy Of Excellence you will see the following improvement in your child’s handwriting.
Improvement in speed of writing.
Fast and legible writing in tests or exams.
Write confidently in school books and tuition books.
Impress others with beautiful and neat handwriting.
Score good marks because of neat, legible and beautiful handwriting.
Avoid embarrassment of writing in front of others.
Handwriting improvement techniques require practice. In English Handwriting Class they will be given assignments at every class to do at home. they may have to spare at least half an hour daily. The secret for improvement of your handwriting is practice, practice and practice which will be given here at Gurukul Academy Of Excellence.

English Handwriting Class


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